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General presumption    of the crowds of radical   adjacent   the airdrome  successful  Kabul, Afghanistan August 23, 2021. ASVAKA NEWS via REUTERS

A presumption of radical waiting successful enactment to committee the C-17 Globemaster III craft astatine the Hamid Karzai International Airport, successful Kabul, Afghanistan August 27, 2021. Satellite representation 2021 Maxar Technologies/Handout via REUTER

NATO allies are struggling to guarantee that Afghanistan's main gateway, Kabul airport, remains unfastened for urgently needed humanitarian assistance flights adjacent week erstwhile they extremity their evacuation airlifts and crook it implicit to the Taliban, write Stephanie Nebehay and Orhan Coskun.

The airport, a lifeline for tens of thousands of evacuees fleeing Taliban fighters successful the past 2 weeks and for assistance arriving to relieve the interaction of drought and conflict, was deed by a deadly termination bombing extracurricular its gates connected Thursday (26 August).

Turkey said it was inactive talking to the Taliban astir providing method assistance to run the airdrome aft the 31 August deadline for troops to permission Afghanistan but said the bombing underlined the request for a Turkish unit to support immoderate experts deployed there.

Turkey has not said whether the Taliban would judge specified a condition, and President Tayyip Erdogan said connected Friday his state was "not successful a unreserved to commencement flights" again to Kabul.

But assistance groups said determination is an urgent request to support humanitarian deliveries to a state suffering its 2nd drought successful 4 years and wherever 18 cardinal people, astir fractional the population, beryllium connected life-saving assistance.

U.S. State Department spokesperson Ned Price said connected Friday that U.S. and allied aerial postulation experts had assessed Kabul airdrome "for capabilities that would enactment the resumption of commercialized operations erstwhile we depart" and that the United States was moving with each parties "to facilitate a creaseless transfer".

However, helium noted: "With the U.S. subject acceptable to depart by 31 August, I deliberation that it is astir apt unreasonable to expect that determination volition beryllium mean airdrome operations connected 1 September"

Price said the Taliban besides wanted a functioning airdrome and stressed that the cognition of the airdrome aft 31 August was "not up to us". The Pentagon said respective nations are consenting to enactment with the Taliban to support the airdrome operating.

The World Food Programme, which runs the UN Humanitarian Air Service, is readying to commencement flights implicit the play to make a humanitarian aerial span into Afghanistan, UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric told reporters successful New York.

"That volition impact flights from Pakistan into assorted airports, extracurricular of Kabul, into Kandahar and Mazar-i-Sharif," Dujarric said. "WFP is appealing for astir $18 cardinal for the rider work and $12m for the cargo aerial bridge."

Dujarric said it is unclear what would hap astatine Kabul airdrome aft 31 August. He described the airdrome arsenic captious to the enactment of the United Nations, which has stressed that it plans to enactment successful Afghanistan to assistance those successful need.

"It volition beryllium incumbent connected ... the Taliban to guarantee that determination is simply a strategy successful place, information successful place, for Kabul to person a functioning airport," Dujarric said.

The World Food Programme said this week that millions of radical successful Afghanistan were "marching towards starvation" arsenic the COVID-19 pandemic and this month's upheaval, connected apical of the existing hardships, thrust the state to catastrophe.

The World Health Organization said connected Friday that aesculapian supplies successful Afghanistan would tally retired successful days, with small accidental of re-stocking them.

"Right present due to the fact that of information concerns and respective different operational considerations, Kabul airdrome is not going to beryllium an enactment for the adjacent week astatine least," WHO determination exigency manager Rick Brennan said.

As assistance groups conflict to support proviso routes into the state unfastened aft the Aug. 31 departure of overseas troops, Afghans trying to permission the state are uncovering the fewer remaining exits slamming shut.

Several European Union countries person said they person ended evacuation operations from Kabul, and the United States has said that by contiguous (30 August) it volition prioritize the removal of its past troops and subject equipment.

Afghans with valid documents volition beryllium capable to question successful the aboriginal astatine immoderate time, a elder Taliban authoritative said connected Friday (27 August).

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