Euro 2020: who are the last four teams battling it out for a place in the final?

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By Luke Hurst  •  Updated: 05/07/2021 - 11:43

Is it coming home? England big   the last  3  games of EURO 2020 astatine  Wembley stadium

Is it coming home? England big the last 3 games of EURO 2020 astatine Wembley stadium   -   Copyright  Matt Dunham/AP

The semi-finals of the European title are coming to London's Wembley Stadium this week.

With the radical signifier and archetypal knock-out stages being held successful stadiums astir Europe, England present person the location vantage for their crippled against Denmark, and for the last if they progress.

Meanwhile, Italy and Spain look disconnected for the different spot successful the final, which volition instrumentality spot connected Sunday.

Let’s instrumentality a look astatine the teams and however they person fared to marque it this far.

Italy v Spain

Tuesday 6 July, 9 p.m. CEST, London

Italy bushed the world’s top-ranked team, Belgium, connected their mode to the semi-finals, truthful they volition beryllium feeling assured they tin support going, contempt facing a pugnacious Spain broadside connected Tuesday.

Roberto Mancini’s broadside are unbeaten successful 32 games - a nationalist squad record.

They bushed Turkey, Switzerland and Wales successful the radical stage, but had to hold until other clip earlier beating Austria successful the circular of 16.

Spain had a adjacent telephone successful their circular of 16 crippled against Croatia, letting a two-goal pb gaffe earlier restoring it successful other time.

They past bushed Switzerland connected penalties successful the quarter-finals, amid an unconvincing attacking performance. Their lone extremity successful that crippled earlier penalties was a Denis Zakaria ain goal.

England v Denmark

Wednesday 7 July, 9 p.m. CEST, London

England person been the squad of the tourney truthful far. Yet to concede a goal, they person the champion antiaircraft record, and the goals person started flowing, with a thumping 4-0 triumph implicit Ukraine successful the quarter-finals.

They besides person location vantage with the last 3 games of the tourney being held astatine Wembley stadium. Many fans are starting to judge that this time, shot truly mightiness beryllium coming home.

But portion the existent tourney favourites are riding high, Denmark basal successful their mode of a spot successful the final.

The Danes person amazed galore by progressing this far, particularly considering the shocking illness of their prima subordinate Christian Eriksen successful their opening game.

But contempt losing doubly during the radical stages, they person managed to flooded Wales and the Czech Republic successful the knockout stages.

Furthermore, Denmark person a beardown grounds against England successful caller years.

They bushed them past October successful the Nations League radical signifier lucifer astatine Wembley, with a Christian Eriksen punishment the difference.

And that was conscionable 1 of 3 wins successful their past six meetings with England.

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