EU environmental policy to 2030: a systemic change

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The European Commission has enactment guardant a long-term imaginativeness for the EU's agrarian areas, identifying the challenges and concerns that they are facing, arsenic good arsenic highlighting immoderate of the astir promising opportunities that are disposable to these regions. Based connected foresight and wide consultations with citizens and different actors successful agrarian areas, today's Vision proposes a Rural Pact and a Rural Action Plan, which purpose to marque our agrarian areas stronger, connected, resilient and prosperous.

To successfully respond to the megatrends and challenges posed by globalisation, urbanisation, ageing and to reap the benefits of the greenish and integer transitions, place-sensitive policies and measures are needed that instrumentality into the relationship the diverseness of EU's territories, their circumstantial needs and comparative strengths.

In agrarian areas crossed the EU the colonisation is connected mean older than successful municipality areas, and volition dilatory commencement to shrink successful the coming decade. When coupled with a deficiency of connectivity, underdeveloped infrastructure, and lack of divers employment opportunities and constricted entree to services, this makes agrarian areas little charismatic to unrecorded and enactment in. At the aforesaid time, agrarian areas are besides progressive players successful the EU's greenish and integer transitions. Reaching the targets of the EU's integer ambitions for 2030 tin supply much opportunities for the sustainable improvement of agrarian areas beyond agriculture, farming and forestry, processing caller perspectives for the maturation of manufacturing and particularly services and contributing to improved geographical organisation of services and industries.

This semipermanent Vision for the EU's agrarian areas aims to code those challenges and concerns, by gathering connected the emerging opportunities of the EU's greenish and integer transitions and connected the lessons learnt from the COVID 19 pandemic, and by identifying means to amended agrarian prime of life, execute balanced territorial improvement and stimulate economical growth.

Rural Pact

A caller Rural Pact volition prosecute actors astatine EU, national, determination and section level, to enactment the shared goals of the Vision, foster economic, societal and territorial cohesion and respond to the communal aspirations of agrarian communities. The Commission volition facilitate this model done existing networks, and promote the speech of ideas and champion practices astatine each levels.

EU Rural Action Plan

Today, the Commission has besides enactment guardant an Action Plan to punctual sustainable, cohesive and integrated agrarian development. Several EU policies already supply enactment to agrarian areas, contributing to their balanced, fair, greenish and innovative development. Among those, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Cohesion Policy volition beryllium cardinal successful supporting and implementing this Action Plan, portion being accompanied by a fig of different EU argumentation areas that unneurotic volition crook this Vision into a reality.

The Vision and Action Plan place 4 areas of action, supported by flagship initiatives, to enable:

  • Stronger: absorption connected empowering agrarian communities, improving entree to services and facilitating societal innovation;
  • Connected: to amended connectivity some successful presumption of transport and integer access;
  • Resilient: preserving earthy resources and greening farming activities to antagonistic clime alteration portion besides ensuring societal resilience done offering entree to grooming courses and divers prime occupation opportunities;
  • Prosperous: to diversify economical activities and amended the worth added of farming and agri-food activities and agri-tourism.

The Commission volition enactment and show the implementation of the EU Rural Action Plan and update it connected a regular ground connected a regular ground to guarantee that it remains relevant. It volition besides proceed to liaise with Member States and agrarian actors to support a dialog connected agrarian issues. Furthermore, “rural proofing” volition beryllium enactment successful spot whereby EU policies are reviewed done a agrarian lens. The purpose is to amended place and instrumentality into information the imaginable interaction and accusation of a Commission argumentation inaugural connected agrarian jobs, maturation and sustainable development.

Finally, a rural observatory volition beryllium acceptable up wrong the Commission to further amended information postulation and investigation connected agrarian areas. This volition supply grounds to pass policy-making successful narration to agrarian improvement and enactment the implementation of the Rural Action Plan.

Next steps

Today's announcement of the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas marks the archetypal measurement towards stronger, amended connected, resilient and prosperous agrarian areas by 2040. The Rural Pact and EU Rural Action Plan volition beryllium the cardinal components to execute these goals.

By the extremity of 2021, the Commission volition nexus up with the Committee of the Regions to analyse the way towards the goals of the Vision. By mid-2023, the Commission volition instrumentality banal of what actions financed by the EU and Member States person been carried retired and programmed for agrarian areas. A nationalist report, that volition beryllium published successful aboriginal 2024, volition place areas wherever enhanced enactment and finances are needed, arsenic good arsenic the mode forward, based connected the EU Rural Action Plan. The discussions astir the study volition provender into the reflection connected the mentation of the proposals for the 2028-2034 programming period.


The request for designing a agelong word imaginativeness for agrarian areas was underlined successful President von der Leyen's political guidelines and successful the ngo letters to Vice President ŠuicaCommissioner Wojciechowski and Commissioner Ferreira

Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski said: “Rural areas are important to the EU today, producing our food, safeguarding our practice and protecting our landscapes. They person a cardinal relation to play successful the greenish and integer transition. However, we person to supply the close tools for these agrarian communities to instrumentality afloat vantage of the opportunities up and tackle the challenges they are presently facing. The Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas is simply a archetypal measurement towards transforming our agrarian areas. The caller CAP volition lend to the Vision by fostering a smart, resilient and diversified cultivation sector, bolstering biology attraction and clime enactment and strengthening the socio-economic cloth of agrarian areas. We volition marque definite that the EU Rural Action Plan allows for a sustainable improvement of our agrarian areas.”

Article 174 TFUE calls for the EU to wage peculiar attraction to agrarian areas, among others, erstwhile promoting its wide harmonious development, strengthening its economic, societal and territorial cohesion and reducing disparities betwixt the assorted regions.

A Eurobarometer survey was carried retired successful April 2021 assessing the priorities of the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas. The survey recovered that 79% of EU citizens supported  the EU should springiness information to agrarian areas successful nationalist spending decisions; 65% of each EU citizens thought that the section country oregon state should beryllium capable to determine however EU agrarian concern is spent; and 44% mentioned transport infrastructure and connections arsenic a cardinal request of agrarian areas.

The Commission ran a public consultation connected the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas from 7 September to 30 November 2020. Over 50% of respondents stated that infrastructure is the astir pressing request for agrarian areas. 43 % of respondents besides cited entree to basal services and amenities, specified arsenic h2o and energy arsenic good arsenic banks and station offices, arsenic an urgent request Over the adjacent 20 years, respondents judge that the attractiveness of agrarian areas volition mostly beryllium connected the availability of integer connectivity (93%), of basal services and e-services (94%) and connected improving the clime and biology show of farming (92%).

Democracy and Demography Vice President Dubravka Šuica said: “Rural areas are location to astir 30% of the EU colonisation and it is our ambition to importantly amended their prime of life. We person listened to their concerns and, unneurotic with them, built this imaginativeness based connected the caller opportunities created by the EU's greenish and integer transitions and connected the lessons learnt from the COVID 19 pandemic. With this Communication, we privation to make a caller momentum for agrarian areas, arsenic attractive, vibrant and dynamic places, portion of people protecting their indispensable character. We privation to springiness agrarian areas and communities a stronger dependable successful gathering the aboriginal of Europe.”

Cohesion and Reforms Commissioner Elisa Ferreira (pictured) said: “Although we each look the aforesaid challenges, our territories person antithetic means, strengths and capacities to header with them. Our policies person to beryllium delicate to the divers features of our regions. The antiauthoritarian and cohesive Union we privation has to beryllium built person to our citizens and territories, involving antithetic governance levels. The Long Term Vision for Rural Areas calls for solutions designed for their circumstantial needs and assets, with the engagement of determination and section authorities and section communities. Rural areas person to beryllium capable to present basal services for their colonisation and physique connected their strengths to go anchors for economical development. All these objectives are astatine the precise halfway of the caller Cohesion Policy for 2021-2027.”

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