Epic GoldenEye 007 Recreation Using Far Cry 5 Map Editor Officially Taken Down By Ubisoft And MGM [UPDATE]

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At the opening of June, we covered a truly epic fan recreation of the N64 classical GoldenEye 007 utilizing Far Cry 5's Map Editor. With the quality that the Map Editor would not beryllium contiguous successful Far Cry 6 and the games that volition travel aft it, this recreation felt adjacent much awesome successful however it showed disconnected the unlimited creativity this diagnostic lends to players. It was an extended feat that faithfully paid homage to the crippled that ruined our friendships backmost then, but Ubisoft stepped successful and struck it down owed to copyright infringement. 

[Update] July 6, 2021, 6:09 a.m Central: The levels person returned to Fallout 5's Arcade Mode connected PC nether the word Golden Cry from u/Grasluoo. Original communicative arsenic follows: 

The dedicated recreation of GoldenEye 007 came courtesy of YouTuber 'Krollywood,' and its removal was made nationalist erstwhile the email they received from Ubisoft went unrecorded connected Twitter. User @Graslu00 first noted that the GoldenEye maps were removed from Far Cry 5 (as spotted by Eurogamer), maps that were usable by the wide public. After doing immoderate digging, they were capable to get to the basal of the problem: copyright strike.

The supra connection cites articles written by publications like us, IGN, and Kotaku that made their creation adjacent much popular, putting much eyes connected this recreation, including eyes a creator mightiness not needfully want. In the email they received from Ubisoft, it looks similar MGM reached retired to Ubisoft astir the unofficial crossover. MGM, besides known arsenic Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, holds the rights for GoldenEye currently, truthful if that institution seeks ineligible action, Ubisoft's measurement would beryllium to question removal earlier it reaches that point. 

The bully quality is that their enactment isn't wholly gone; they person each of the levels saved connected the PS+ Cloud and a abstracted USB stick. They concluded their update to fans of their levels, saying, "I don't cognize if determination is simply a ineligible mode to upload [those levels] again, but I'm connected their radar now, I think."

This YouTuber took their emotion of the 1997 shooter and made it tangible utilizing Far Cry 5's representation editor, wholly rebuilding the N64 classical from the crushed up. The YouTuber antecedently told Kotaku that this was nary casual endeavor earlier its removal. This recreation took astir 3 years to make, and implicit 1,400 hours to spot this task travel to fruition. That's dedication, even much truthful for maine due to the fact that I springiness up aft not adjacent an hr of trying to marque a dinky small location successful Minecraft. So. There's that. I'm neither ashamed nor proud. 

The removal is bittersweet but not wholly unexpected. MGM has a beauteous agelong past of taking down instrumentality projects that person to bash with GoldenEye 007, and with Far Cry 6 astir the corner, much eyes are connected the Ubisoft franchise than usual. 

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