England plans to introduce new laws to halt rising trend in animal theft

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By Philip Andrew Churm  •  Updated: 04/09/2021 - 19:55

England plans to present  caller   laws to halt rising inclination   successful  carnal  theft

Two-year-old Tina is simply a French bulldog.

She was stolen from her owner's car successful England successful May 2021.

She is conscionable 1 of galore examples of pets being stolen from their owners successful the UK to proviso a lucrative inclination successful which animals are sold on, often for precocious prices.

About 2,000 canine thefts were reported successful 2020 according to the favored theft taskforce, and 70 per cent of carnal thefts progressive dogs.

But favored theft is presently treated arsenic a nonaccomplishment of property. However that could soon change.

Lawmakers successful England privation to make a caller benignant of offence which would recognise carnal companions arsenic sentient beings.

George Eustice MP, U.K. Environment Secretary said: "What we're doing contiguous is recognising that, creating a circumstantial offence of favored abduction. I deliberation it'll marque it easier for america to grounds this crime, support way of it and it'll besides beryllium easier to prosecute it arsenic well."

According to 1 large charity, the Dogs Trust, the terms of the astir fashionable canine breeds roseate by astir 90 per cent during the archetypal lockdown.

And this marketplace inclination mightiness person encouraged thieves to act.

But the authorities hopes to halt them with this caller transgression offence.

Meanwhile, Tina's owner, Patrycja Kowalczyk, hopes the authorities volition enactment to halt specified crimes and debar the affectional distress caused by the nonaccomplishment of a pet.

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