Ed Sheeran keeps pulling the same prank on Courteney Cox

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(CNN)Courteney Cox may want to rethink letting her pal Ed Sheeran clang astatine her Los Angeles pad.

Sheeran revealed during an quality connected "The Late Late Show with James Corden" this week that helium has repeatedly played the aforesaid prank connected Cox, who helium knows done Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid, Cox's spouse and a philharmonic collaborator of Sheeran's.

"She has this Alexa happening successful her house, and she goes, 'Yeah, this is wonderful. This is my Alexa. I tin conscionable bid immoderate connected this,'" Sheeran said, revealing that helium ordered an "S&M leather gimp mask" to her house.

    "Unbeknownst to me, Courteney's adjunct recovered it," Sheeran said. "She opened the station and she finds this disguise and instantly goes, 'Oh, I don't deliberation I was meant to spot that' and leaves it connected Courteney's bed. And Courteney comes up, and she's like, 'Where did this travel from?'"

      Now helium keeps doing it.

      "Anyway, she recovered retired the story, and present each clip I spell backmost there, I bid her different gimp mask. And she has possibly 12, and then, I fell them successful people's bedrooms. So they'll spell successful a drawer, and they'll conscionable find this leather S&M mask," Sheeran laughed. "And she had 2 radical look astatine her soft to effort and bargain it, 2 implicit strangers going into her location that I recovered retired about, truthful I near a mates of masks connected the piano."

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