Ducournau wins Palme d'Or at Cannes film festival for film 'Titane'

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Ducournau wins Palme d'Or astatine  Cannes movie  festival for movie  'Titane'

France's Julia Ducournau has go the 2nd pistillate ever to triumph the Palme d'Or astatine Cannes for the movie "Titane", Saturday night.

Jury president Spike Lee accidentally announced her arsenic the victor astatine the commencement of the awards ceremony, taking the organisers by surprise.

He was expected to denote the grant for Best Actress.

Before Ducournau the lone different pistillate to beryllium crowned successful the past of the festival was Jane Campion 28 years ago.

Ducournau's film, 'Titane' is simply a convulsive movie which charts the travel of a young woman, Agethe Rousselle. She is astir killed successful a car clang erstwhile she is simply a kid but survives lone with a titanium sheet successful her head.

She has enactment with cars and kills men with a hairsbreadth pin.

While connected the tally from the murders, she meets a firefighter played by Vincent Lindon and unneurotic they judge they tin assistance each different with a catalogue of issues they some have.

Other winners connected Saturday included American, Caleb Landry Jones, who won the champion histrion grant for his show successful "Nitram", successful which helium plays a borderline young antheral who is astir to perpetrate 1 of the worst killings successful Australia's history.

Norwegian histrion Renate Reinsve won the champion histrion grant for her show successful Joachim Trier's "Julie successful 12 Chapters", successful which she plays a young pistillate successful hunt of herself.

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