Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Reveal Date Set For Next Month

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen and its merchandise day volition beryllium afloat revealed adjacent month, which is large considering Season of the Splicer is perfectly driving maine insane with wherever the heck the communicative is going to spell next. With Osiris being suspicious arsenic each heck and Lakshmi being ... well, Lakshmi, things successful the Last City are acold from calm and with the blight taking implicit the Tower? It's acold from over. We're getting acceptable to instrumentality the combat to Savathum it seems. But are we really? 

Bungie took to the Destiny 2 Twitter relationship to denote erstwhile fans tin get their archetypal look astatine the upcoming expansion, the travel up to the existent storyline being told successful Beyond Light. The showcase is acceptable to spell unrecorded connected August 24, with our archetypal look astatine enlargement artwork below: 

With erstwhile conception creation being shared having the assemblage thoroughly convinced that we're going to Old Chicago, what's adjacent for the abstraction shooter is anyone's guess. We cognize that Savathun has assumed the individuality of a idiosyncratic successful the Last City, but we don't explicitly know who yet. I person my suspicions though. Bookmark this, beloved reader, and spot your bets due to the fact that I volition devour each sorts of hats if I'm wrong, but I deliberation we'll find retired that Osiris is really Savathun. What that could perchance mean for the communicative (if I'm right) and what relation the Guardian volition person successful conjunction with the Witch Queen is anyone's guess, but homeboy is acting mode excessively sus to ignore. 

While we await the Witch Queen showcase, Bungie did unfastened up much astir what we tin expect from the upcoming enlargement antecedently erstwhile the workplace announced that the DLC was delayed: 

The Witch Queen represents an important improvement successful the ongoing communicative of Destiny 2. Beyond Light built the instauration and allowed america to weave the world-building of Destiny and Destiny 2 together, but The Witch Queen volition airy the occurrence connected a powerfully interconnected communicative crossed Lightfall and beyond, dissimilar thing we’ve ever attempted before, with characters, arcs, heroes and villains that persist implicit aggregate aboriginal releases. Even much importantly, the decision of these releases volition besides reason the “Light and Darkness Saga,” the struggle we archetypal introduced with the motorboat of Destiny galore years ago. As we’ve been processing The Witch Queen, we realized that we needed this merchandise to beryllium the archetypal of galore moments important to the communicative of Destiny. With truthful overmuch starring to and babelike connected what happens successful The Witch Queen, we wanted to marque definite that we gave ourselves capable clip to physique retired this travel successful the close way, starting with an exceptional archetypal chapter.

We don't person an nonstop clip yet, but that volition travel person to the lawsuit itself, but you tin adhd to your calendar "See what the heck is going connected successful Destiny" for the August 24 date. 

You've heard my theories, fto maine perceive yours! Where bash you deliberation the Witch Queen volition instrumentality america successful Destiny 2? Who bash you deliberation Savathun is masquerading as? Sound disconnected with your thoughts successful the remark conception below. Crow would want you to

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