Denmark celebrates the end of COVID-19 restrictions with flower festival at Tivoli park

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Tivoli being the 2nd oldest amusement parkland successful the satellite was during covid a spot to spell outside.

It is the archetypal clip successful the 178 twelvemonth aged past of Tivoli, that Tivolis caller CEO Susanne Mørch Koch, opens an authoritative Garden & Flower Festival.

Denmark volition the 10. of September halt each covid restrictions wrong Denmark.

The purpose is to observe by mounting caller planetary standards for plot and flower-art.

To bash that are radical being decorated with flowers and filmed by nonrecreational angiosperm photographers.

International angiosperm artist- & lensman Stine Heilmann, who is surviving successful New York but primitively from Denmark, hopes the Flower Festival volition get radical “inspired and springiness them a grin connected their look and punctual them of, you know, happiness and beingness and the and the quality successful life”.

All visitors travelling to Denmark person to transportation a antagonistic covid trial made anterior travelling to participate Denmark.

Rick Matthijssen from Holland feels “it is astonishing without a mask. Just similar everything's going backmost to normal”.

Millions of flowers person ever been portion of Tivoli’s DNA.

During the festival flowers are besides fixed to devour by the Michelin edifice successful Tivoli, Gemyse. The country is called “flowers you tin eat” - and reflects the surviving gourmet-scene successful Denmark. Soon the country became a favourite selfie-place.

Tivoli is unfastened for the summertime until September 29, but it opens astir of the clip successful assorted ways including New Year.

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