Democrat Charles Booker Announces He Will Challenge Rand Paul for His Senate Seat

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Charles Booker (D-Ky.), who served successful the House of Representatives from 2019-2021, has announced helium volition situation Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) for his Senate seat. He is the archetypal Democrat to denote a 2022 situation to Paul, a hardline conservative.

“As we spell into this time wherever we observe our independence, let’s perpetrate to making it mean something,” Booker says successful his announcement video. “And I’m not conscionable asking that of you. I’m going to pb by example. And it’s with that knowing that we person to pb ourselves that I’m going to tally for United States Senate.”

The radical of Kentucky are my family. One happening I was taught is that you combat for family. We tin marque state ringing true, we tin marque it ringing for everyone, we tin marque a aboriginal wherever Breonna’s doorway isn’t kicked in, we tin marque state mean that each assemblage crossed Kentucky is thriving,” helium adds.

Let’s marque state ring. Real freedom, from the hood to the holler.

We tin commencement by taking our spot backmost from Rand Paul.

I’m running.

— Charles Booker (@Booker4KY) July 1, 2021

Paul has served successful the Senate since 2011 and was past re-elected successful 2016 by a 15-point margin. Following Booker’s announcement, Paul released a connection criticizing Booker for his progressive values, which see supporting Medicare for All, transgression justness reform, a cosmopolitan basal income, and the implementation of the Green New Deal.

“I conscionable don’t deliberation defunding the constabulary and forcing taxpayers to wage for reparations volition beryllium precise fashionable successful Kentucky,” helium said.

Travis Waldron, a newsman with The Huffington Post, had the early exclusive connected Booker’s announcement.

“Democrats have not won a Senate contention successful Kentucky successful 3 decades,” Waldron observes, noting that “Booker is among a radical of Black Democratic Senate candidates that is lone apt to turn successful the coming months, arsenic a nationalist run apparatus that erstwhile viewed specified candidates arsenic excessively risky to tally successful statewide contests becomes more unfastened and diverse, particularly aft Sen. Raphael Warnock’s triumph successful Georgia earlier this year.”

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