Commissioner Kyriakides participates in G20 health in Rome

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European Green Deal Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans and Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius volition instrumentality portion contiguous (3 September) and Saturday (4 September) successful the World Conservation Congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and its Natural Resources (IUCN) successful Marseille, France. This legislature aims to beforehand enactment successful favour of betterment based connected nature, the combat against clime alteration and biodiversity successful anticipation of COP15 and COP26. Executive Vice President Timmermans and Commissioner Sinkevičius volition some be the opening ceremonial on with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Today, Executive Vice President Timmermans volition besides travel President Macron during the sojourn to the Calanques National Park. He volition conscionable bilaterally Mr. Oberle, manager wide of IUCN. Each of the members of the College volition besides conscionable Ms. Meza, curate of situation and vigor of Costa Rica, Dr. Mujawamariya, curate of situation of Rwanda and WWF Director General Mr. Lambertini. On Saturday, Executive Vice President Timmermans volition present a keynote code astatine the opening of the forum. Commissioner Sinkevičius volition intervene during the opening plenary connected the taxable of “the dynamic ocean”, highlighting the value of restoring the wellness of the oceans, and volition enactment successful the IUCN circular array connected 'The Mediterranean, a exemplary oversea by 2030', astatine the invitation of Ms. Pompili, French curate for Ecological Transition.

Commissioner Sinkevičius volition besides meet, during bilateral meetings, Ms. Girardin, French curate for the Sea, Ms. Abba, French caput of authorities for biodiversity, Ms. Tembo, curate of forests and earthy resources of Malawi, Mr. Sawadogo, curate of the environment, greenish system and clime alteration of Burkina Faso, Mr. Mounir, curate of the situation of Libya, arsenic good arsenic representatives of the Regional Council and of the French Mediterranean sportfishing sector. He volition sojourn section forests affected by caller fires, arsenic good arsenic a task supported by the LIFE programme successful the Calanques National Park.

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