Commission approves €10 million Irish support measure for fishery sector in the context of Brexit

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The arguable Northern Ireland Protocol which is portion of the EU/UK Withdrawal Agreement, shows nary motion of resolving itself immoderate clip soon. As Ken Murray reports from Dublin, the European Commission is unwilling to backmost down portion the British proceed to hunt for an opening to get themselves retired of an agreed papers that they themselves hailed past December.

It’s 7 months since the British authorities boasted of a large woody erstwhile Brexit was formally signed and sealed successful Brussels with smiles and pre-Christmas cheer each round.

As UK main negotiator Lord David Frost tweeted connected Christmas Eve 2020: “I’m precise pleased and arrogant to person led a large UK squad to unafraid today’s fantabulous woody with the EU.

“Both sides worked tirelessly time aft time successful challenging conditions to get the biggest and broadest woody successful the World, successful grounds time. Thank you each who made it happen.”

One mightiness deliberation speechmaking his words that the British authorities were hoping to unrecorded happily ever aft erstwhile the woody was done. However, each is not going to plan.

Under the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, the Northern Ireland Protocol, which is an annex to the EU/UK accord, created a caller trading statement betwixt GB and Northern Ireland which, though being connected the land of Ireland, is really successful the United Kingdom.

The nonsubjective of the Protocol is that definite items being moved from GB to NI specified arsenic eggs, beverage and chilled meats amongst others, indispensable acquisition larboard checks successful bid to get connected to the land of Ireland from wherever they tin beryllium sold locally oregon moved connected to the Republic, which remains successful the European Union.

As moving people protestant unionists oregon British loyalists successful Northern Ireland spot it, the Protocol oregon notional commercialized borderline successful the Irish Sea, amounts to different incremental measurement towards a agreed Ireland-which they vehemently oppose-and marks further isolation from Britain wherever their loyalty is to.

Former Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party Edwin Poots said the Protocol has enactment “absurd barriers placed connected commercialized with our biggest marketplace [GB]”.

A grace play from 1 January to 30 June was agreed to let for the measures to travel successful to effect but specified has been the hostility successful Northern Ireland towards the Protocol, that play has present been extended until the extremity of September successful bid to find ways for acceptable compromise to support each sides happy!

The Protocol and its implications which, it seems, Britain didn’t deliberation through, has angered members of the unionist assemblage truthful overmuch successful Northern Ireland, protests connected the streets each different nighttime since aboriginal Summer, person go a communal sight.

Such is the consciousness of betrayal towards London implicit the Protocol, British loyalists person threatened to instrumentality their protests to Dublin successful the Irish republic, a determination galore would spot arsenic provoking an excuse for violence.

Loyalist activistic Jamie Bryson speaking connected The Pat Kenny Show connected Newstalk Radio successful Dublin precocious said: “Save for determination being a rather singular turnaround successful presumption of the Northern Ireland protocol successful the coming weeks… I would ideate astir decidedly those protests volition beryllium taken southbound of the border, surely pursuing 12 July.”

12 July, a day seen successful Northern Ireland arsenic marking the highest of the Orange Order marching season, has travel and gone. So far, those opposed to the Protocol successful Northern Ireland person yet to transverse the borderline that separates bluish from confederate Ireland.

However, with unit mounting connected the Government successful London from British unionists successful Northern Ireland and traders who consciousness their businesses volition endure greatly erstwhile the afloat contents of the Protocol papers travel successful to effect, Lord Frost has been trying desperately to amend and soften the woody helium negotiated and praised to the max past December.

The aforesaid deal, it should beryllium added, was passed successful the House of Commons by 521 votes to 73, a motion possibly that the British Government didn’t execute its owed diligence!

Among the disposable consequences of Brexit successful Northern Ireland are agelong delays for motortruck drivers astatine ports with immoderate large supermarkets chains complaining of bare shelves.

The feeling successful Dublin is that if COVID-19 measures were not successful place, the existent existent consequences of Brexit would apt beryllium much harsh successful Northern Ireland than they already are.

With unit connected Lord Frost to benignant retired this governmental dilemma arsenic soon arsenic possible, helium told the Westminster parliament past week, “we tin not spell connected arsenic we are”.

Publishing what was titled ‘A Command Paper’, it brazenly went connected to say, “the engagement of the EU successful policing the woody conscionable “engenders mistrust and problems”.

The Paper adjacent suggested the abolition of broad customs paperwork for traders selling from Great Britain into NI.

Instead, a “trust and verify” system, dubbed an “honesty box”, would apply, whereby traders would registry their income successful a light-touch strategy allowing inspection of their proviso chains, a proposition which, nary doubt, sent smugglers to furniture with a grin connected their face!

The precise proposition of an “honesty box” indispensable person sounded amusing and ironic successful Northern Ireland wherever successful 2018, Boris Johnson promised delegates astatine the DUP yearly league that “there would beryllium nary borderline successful the Irish Sea” lone for him to subsequently spell backmost connected his word!

With EU Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen confirming past week to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that determination volition beryllium nary re-negotiation of the Agreement, the UK broadside looks acceptable to marque itself ultra unpopular again with the protestant unionist and Irish nationalist communities successful Northern Ireland.

With British protestant unionists successful Northern Ireland aggravated implicit the Protocol, Irish christianity nationalists are besides furious with London aft the Secretary of State for NI Brandon Lewis announced proposals to cease each investigations successful to murders committed during the Troubles anterior to 1998.

If implemented, the families of those that died astatine the hands of British soldiers and information services would ne'er ever get justness portion those that died from actions carried retired by UK loyalists and Irish republicans would endure the aforesaid fate.

The Taoiseach Micheál Martin speaking successful Dublin said “the British proposals were unacceptable and amounted to betrayal [to the families].”

With US President Joe Biden, a antheral of Irish heritage, saying past twelvemonth that helium volition not motion a commercialized woody with the UK if London does thing to undermine the 1998 Northern Ireland Peace Agreement, the Boris Johnson administration, it seems, has a dwindling fig of friends successful Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Dublin and Washington.

Talks to reappraisal the presumption of the Northern Ireland Protocol look acceptable to resume successful the coming weeks.

With the EU signalling it is unwilling to budge and the US medication siding with Dublin, London finds itself successful a hard dilemma which volition necessitate thing singular to flight from.

As 1 caller to a Dublin vigor phone-in programme remarked past week connected the issue: “Somebody should archer the British that Brexit has consequences. You get what you ballot for.”

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