Canceled Mass Effect Game For Nintendo DS, Corsair, Would Have Players As A "Han Solo" Kind Of Pirate

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With the Mass Effect Legendary Edition bringing newcomers and veterans of the franchise backmost to the Normandy that we each cognize and love, a postulation filled with turians, quarians, and those jerks astatine Cerberus is connected a batch of people's minds, but what astir a canceled Nintendo DS task called Mass Effect: Corsair? Former BioWare shaper Mark Darrah precocious revealed details astir the spinoff that ne'er rather made it disconnected of the ground. 

When talking to our friends implicit at MinnMax, Darrah talked a small much astir Mass Effect: Corsair, a spinoff acquisition that was projected to travel retired connected Nintendo DS, but ne'er saw the airy of day. "It was a DS game, it was going to beryllium similar a first-person [game] wherever you alert astir a ship," helium told the show. He added that helium couldn't retrieve precisely which portion of the postulation it was going to instrumentality spot successful but that it was determination "pirate-y," which astir apt means determination either successful Omega oregon determination other successful the Terminus strategy (assuming it's successful the aforesaid spot arsenic the trilogy and not Andromeda, fixed its timeline). "It was going to beryllium a operation of benignant of Privateer and Star Control. So you would person a ship, you would independent, you would beryllium much similar a Han Solo character, not a Spectre. You would beryllium flying around, picking up cargoes, exploring; you could research and past merchantability that accusation backmost to the humans and the Human Alliance and beryllium similar 'yeah, there's a satellite 'x' here' and they'd beryllium like, 'great, here's money.'" 

He added that the squad had formation controls each planned retired but thing overmuch much beyond that. BioWare was inactive focused connected however the IP would enactment wrong the beingness transferred into a handheld device, but it looks similar it conscionable wasn't meant to be. "The occupation is," helium added, "was that the economics of the Nintendo DS are conscionable terrible. So similar Sonic Chronicles was connected the astir costly cartridge that was disposable connected that console, it costs the outgo of goods astatine $10.50.  And past that retails for 30 bucks, right? So you know, 30 minus 10; there's lone 20 bucks left, and you haven't adjacent taken your retailer's cut, truthful it's conscionable squeezing."

Darrah said that astatine the extremity of the day, that was the biggest occupation moving against Mass Effect: Corsair - it wasn't cost-effective. Electronic Arts, astatine the time, was projecting income to not transcend 50,000 units, a fig that Darrah said was "complete nonsense," and that ultimately, the determination to chopped was made. He did adhd that the pirate story, a communicative that helium aboriginal placed arsenic centered perchance astir Batarians, astir apt would person been approved by erstwhile BioWare caput Casey Hudson astatine the time, but astatine the extremity of the day, it conscionable didn't truly acceptable precisely arsenic needed with the IP, particularly erstwhile looking astatine the value of FTL and however that works successful this peculiar universe. 

There was a Mass Effect mobile game that yet came out (called Mass Effect: Infilitrator), which was astir arsenic unspeakable arsenic you'd imagine, but by that point, astir of the squad attached to Corsair went connected to enactment connected different projects similar Jade wherever Darrah was connected Sonic. 

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