Brexit: Michel Barnier 'prefers not to say' what he thinks of UK negotiators

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By Euronews  •  Updated: 05/07/2021 - 17:53

 Michel Barnier 'prefers not to say' what helium  thinks of UK negotiators

Six months aft the extremity of his mandate arsenic main Brexit negotiator for the European Union, Michel Barnier sat down with Euronews for an in-depth interview.

The Frenchman has conscionable published his diary written during the gruelling 1600-day diplomatic tussle betwixt the Bloc and the UK.

The erstwhile curate nether Nicolas Sarkozy commended respective who sat connected the other broadside of the array during the negotiations. For others, helium was not truthful candid with his opinion.

“I similar to accidental that I inactive person a batch of respect for Olly Robbins who was Mrs. May's European advisor. I person a batch of esteem for Theresa May who was courageous, tenacious. I similar to halt astatine that concerning the portraits I draw."

Certain cracks person begun to amusement with Brexit, particularly successful regards to the Northern Ireland protocol and frictions astir fisheries.

The erstwhile Commissioner calls connected Europeans to stay vigilant of the information that London whitethorn question to alteration fiscal, societal oregon biology standards to regain a competitory vantage implicit the Old Continent.

“I person assurance that this large state volition support to its word, adjacent if determination are intentions that I find hard to understand. Because if you enactment things successful position the astir important happening for the British is to support a immense neighbouring marketplace of 450 cardinal consumers. If the worth of their signature was called into question I deliberation it would person a superior interaction connected the assurance we need.”

Barnier has returned to the French governmental country and hasn’t ruled retired lasting successful the adjacent year’s statesmanlike elections.

Michel Barnier's interrogation volition beryllium broadcast this Monday evening connected Euronews and

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