Bodies recovered from scene of Russian plane crash near Palana

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By Euronews with AP, AFP  •  Updated: 07/07/2021 - 14:16

Emergency workers pictured astatine  the wreckage of a missing Antonov An-26 craft  adjacent   Palana.

Rescuers accidental they person recovered the bodies of nineteen victims aft a level crashed successful a distant country of Russia’s Far East.

An Antonov An-26 airliner with 28 radical connected committee crashed adjacent its destination municipality of Palana successful the portion of Kamchatka.

The level had taken disconnected from the metropolis of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky connected Tuesday greeting erstwhile it missed a scheduled connection and disappeared from radar. The wreckage of the craft was recovered that evening connected a coastal cliffside and successful the Okhotsk Sea.

Police are inactive investigating the incident, looking astatine 3 imaginable causes of the clang — atrocious weather, instrumentality malfunction, oregon aviator error.

Russia’s Emergency Ministry said that the remains of 19 victims person been recovered truthful far, and 1 of them has already been identified.

"A radical of 51 rescuers is inactive moving connected the spot connected foot," the section exigency ministry said successful a statement.

Russian media person reported that nary of the six unit members oregon twenty-two passengers connected committee had survived.

The caput of the section authorities successful Palana, Olga Mokhireva, was among the passengers, spokespeople of the Kamchatka authorities said.

The politician of Kamchatka, Vladimir Solodov, said that a radical of authorities officials including Transport Minister Vitaly Savelyev volition caput to Palana connected Wednesday.

In the aftermath of the crash, the authorities successful Kamchatka person declared 3 days of mourning.

Officials besides said that families of the victims volition person payments of much than 3.5 cardinal rubles (€40,000) that volition see compensation from the airline, an security payment, and a subsidy from the determination government.

President Vladimir Putin has extended his condolences to the families of the victims.

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