Behind The Animations & Cutscenes in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Game – Exclusive Interview

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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is the latest crippled to grace our cover, and successful this exclusive interrogation we sat down with the game's Animation Director, Darryl Purdy, to larn much astir gameplay animations, directing cutscenes successful the game, and overcoming challenges presented by question capture. 

If you're funny successful learning much astir Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy aft watching this video, beryllium definite to work our 12-page screen story. You tin larn each astir the game's lesser-known characters successful this issue, similar Lady Hellbender successful this little snippet:

Although Thanos' sanction is thrown astir liberally by Eidos-Montréal, he's lone being referenced successful the backstory astatine this point. The absorption for the infinitesimal is connected conscionable 1 villain: Lady Hellbender. She made her debut successful 2016 wrong the archetypal contented of Frank Cho and Greg Pak's Totally Awesome Hulk, and instantly became known arsenic the "monster queen" from her tendency to cod uncommon beasts for her sanctuary connected Seknarf Nine.

We don't cognize overmuch astir her root communicative oregon motivations within Eidos-Montréal's game, but she intelligibly inactive has an oculus for uncommon monsters, and the Guardians whitethorn person conscionable handed her the prize of her collection. In the comics, her existent sanction is Marguerite Hellbender. When she makes appearances, she ever shows america she has superhuman strength, is proficient with a sword, and volition bash thing to get the creatures of her desire.

Over the people of the adjacent week, Game Informer will people a heap of exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with cardinal members of Eidos-Montréal astir however they're bringing this squad of misfits to life. While you wait, beryllium definite to cheque retired our Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy sum hub, wherever you'll find articles, podcasts, and videos each astir the game. Don't privation to perceive thing other astir the crippled earlier it releases? Well, you won't person to hold agelong since it launches connected October 26, 2021.

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