Antoine Griezmann: Konami drops contract with footballer over hotel video

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Antoine Griezmann (L) and Ousmane Dembele person  some  apologised for the video.

Konami has dropped its declaration with French footballer Antoine Griezmann implicit a video that appeared to mock Japanese edifice staff.

Footage published connected Friday showed Griezmann laughing arsenic his teammate Ousmane Dembélé commented connected the quality and connection of Japanese workers successful 2019.

The video, filmed by Dembélé, was uploaded by a semi-anonymous YouTube relationship and has resulted successful a beardown backlash against the footballers.

Social media posts including the video and the hashtag #StopAsianHate person been retweeted thousands of times.

On Wednesday, the Japanese video games institution Konami said they had decided to interruption its ambassador declaration with Griezmann implicit the video.

"We had announced that Antoine Griezmann would beryllium our Yu-Gi-Oh! ambassador, but successful airy of caller events, we person decided to cancel the contract," the institution said.

"Discrimination successful immoderate signifier is unacceptable," they added successful a statement.

Konami, makers of the fashionable shot video game, Pro improvement shot (PES), person besides asked the players' nine Barcelona "to explicate the details of this lawsuit and aboriginal actions."

The Japanese online retail elephantine Rakuten, who are the garment sponsor of Barcelona, has besides protested against the video.

"As a spouse of the nine and big of the tour, I precise overmuch regret the discriminatory remarks of Barcelona players," tweeted Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO and laminitis of Rakuten.

"Rakuten has been a sponsor of the nine praising the Barca philosophy. Such remarks are not acceptable nether immoderate circumstances. I volition officially protestation to the nine and inquire for an explanation."

In the video, Dembélé tin beryllium seen calling retired Griezmann portion technicians enactment connected a tv acceptable successful the pair's edifice country during a Barcelona circuit to Japan.

Dembélé tin beryllium heard joking astir the staff's looks and connection arsenic Griezmann looks on, amused but silent. Both players person since apologised for the footage.

"I person ever been against immoderate signifier of favoritism (...) I firmly refute the accusations made against maine and I americium atrocious if I offended my Japanese friends," Griezmann said connected Sunday.

Meanwhile, Dembélé has apologised, saying that it was a "private video" and that helium was "not targeting immoderate community".

"I recognize that I whitethorn person wounded the radical successful that representation and for that, I sincerely apologise," helium added.

Griezmann has antecedently drawn disapproval successful 2017 aft posting a photograph of himself successful "blackface", portion dressed arsenic a hoops player.

In December, the footballer besides generated headlines by breaking disconnected his concern with the Chinese institution Huawei, citing "strong suspicions" that the mobile elephantine was progressive successful the surveillance of the Uyghur Muslim minority. Huawei has denied the allegations.

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