Alex Jones Claims That the Government is Monitoring His Text Exchanges With Tucker Carlson

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Alex Jones whitethorn person been mostly deplatformed astatine this point, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to marque chaotic claims. He precocious told listeners that helium was successful regular declaration with the White House successful the run-up to the 1/6 insurrection.

This week Tucker Carlson said that helium was being spied connected by the NSA. While Jen Psaki explained wherefore the Fox host’s claims were dubious, Jones believes them completely. In fact, the InfoWars big alleged that the authorities monitors his substance exchanges with Carlson.

Jones began the segment, “Tucker Carlson has fundamentally the highest morals I’ve seen successful journalism. He’s incredibly smart, he’s grown up, he’s woken up to things being precise sinister and he’s travel a agelong way, and he’s surpassed truly the enactment I’ve done.”

The conspiracy theorist continued:

“We cognize that they spy connected my substance messages, my email, everything, and it’s each fixed to Democrats, instrumentality firms, universities, deliberation tanks. I mean, this is simply a large transgression operation, and that’s precisely what Carlson talked about. That’s precisely what Carlson talked astir is however they are passing his accusation around, trying to find thing helium said unethical oregon racist, and of course, they can’t. And that means they’re speechmaking my substance messages to Tucker Carlson and our conversations and they’re listening to conversations. And I’m gonna halt close there. We already cognize that.”

While Jones thinks helium whitethorn beryllium vouching for his friend, an endorsement from the InfoWars big successful not apt to spell a agelong mode successful making radical judge Carlson’s story.

See a clip of the conception below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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