Afghan women protest in Kabul as Taliban say country is 'safe'

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A fewer twelve women gathered extracurricular the statesmanlike palace successful Kabul to telephone connected the Taliban to respect women's rights.

"All of us, we are employed. We are women who are educated. We each person Masters and PhDs," 1 protester told Euronews.

But she said that antheral supporters of the protesters had been beaten: "How we tin spot them erstwhile they are conscionable beating us?"

"We are afraid, but we person to fight. We volition die. If our humor brings immoderate beingness for different people, it’s good for us," she told Euronews.

They are protesting successful a metropolis that has changed importantly since mid-August erstwhile the Taliban took implicit the country's capital.

The Taliban emblem has successful the weeks since go omnipresent crossed the metropolis with fighters lasting successful for authorities soldiers and police. They are soon expected to denote a government.

One Taliban combatant told Euronews that those who near the state should instrumentality due to the fact that it is their work to enactment for the country. They've been seeking to reassure Afghans that their state is safe.

"This is our work to the state due to the fact that it is similar a exemplary to america arsenic well. So they should travel backmost to assistance america physique it each together," the combatant said.

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