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Elon Musk, owner of a $100 million real-estate portfolio, just tweeted that he will sell all his belongings and 'own no house.' Take a look at some of the mansions he'll have to offload to make that happen.

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  • Elon Musk vowed to sell "almost all physical possessions" including his homes in a tweet Friday.
  • Months before promising to fully liquidate his real-estate portfolio, the Tesla CEO reportedly sold a Brentwood, California, mansion for almost $4 million in late August.
  • Musk owns at least seven houses worth a combined $100 million, including six mansions within steps of each other in Bel Air.
  • The billionaire tech mogul has a net worth of $39 billion, per Bloomberg's latest estimate.
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Elon Musk intends to sell off his $100 million real-estate portfolio, the billionaire CEO tweeted Friday.
The cofounder of electric automaker Tesla said that he plans to sell "almost all physical possessions" and "own no house." The statement was a stunning reversal of Musk's real-estate strategy to date; the billionaire spent years buying up adjacent mansions in Los Angeles' swanky Bel-Air neighborhood. He owns at least seven homes worth over $100 million, Business Insider previously reported.
Keep reading to take a look inside Musk's real-estate portfolio.
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Elon Musk built a $39 billion fortune as the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

Source: Business Insider

Musk and the companies affiliated with him own at least seven residences collectively worth over $100 million, mostly in the Los Angeles area.

Source: Business Insider

Musk bought his first piece of Bel Air real estate in late 2012.

Source: Los Angeles Times

The Tesla CEO started off by renting the colonial-style house in 2010 and lived with his five sons.

Source: Business Insider

He later purchased the mansion for $17 million, although it's now estimated to be worth $22.3 million.

Source: Wall Street Journal 

The house has 20,248 square feet of space divided into different wings, with a total of seven bedrooms. It also has a two-story library.

Source: Variety, Wall Street Journal 

The kitchen features a brick ceiling.

Source: Business Insider

The backyard has a pool ...

Source: Business Insider

... a tennis court ...

Source: Business Insider

... and a view of the exclusive Bel Air Country Club. The house also has a gym and a wine cellar.

Source: Business Insider

Musk bought two other houses on the same street, including one for $6.75 million in October 2013.

Source: Business Insider

Beloved actor Gene Wilder lived in the 2,756 square foot, three-bedroom, three-bathroom ranch-style home for over 30 years until 2007.

Source: Business Insider, Wall Street Journal 

Musk used the house as a private school for his children. And in a 2015 interview with Vogue, the billionaire CEO described it as "like a little schoolhouse on the prairie, except in Bel Air on a golf course."

Source: Variety, Vogue

Musk later purchased two more on Bel Air mansions on an adjacent street — another ranch house for $20 million in July 2015 and an unfinished mansion for $24.25 million in 2016.

Neighbors told the Wall Street Journal in December that the 9,309-square-foot mansion has been under construction since 2011.
Source: Variety, Wall Street Journal

Two years later, Musk reportedly bought another mansion next door to those. The property — a colonial-style, two-story home built with a white brick facade — is estimated to be worth $4.2 million.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Musk had bought yet another Los Angeles mansion for $4.3 million in July 2015, but apparently didn't maintain it well. In December, the Wall Street Journal described this property as "unkempt, with a scruffy, bush-filled front yard, a stained glass window, a clay rabbit and dead plants in pots by the front door."

Neighbors also told the Journal in December that it didn't appear anyone was living in this house full-time.
Source: Wall Street Journal

Though Musk has previously said that he sleeps on a couch or on the floor of a conference room in Tesla's Fremont, California headquarters during busy production periods, he also owns another estate nearby.

Source: Business Insider

Located in the ritzy Bay Area suburb of Hillsborough, the 100-year-old, 16,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style mansion boasts 10 bedrooms, bay views, hiking trails, and a ballroom. Musk bought it for $23.4 million in June 2017.

Source: Wall Street Journal

The tech mogul also previously owned this "boomerang-shaped house" in Brentwood, California, about 15 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles with his ex-wife Talulah Riley. The former couple paid just under $3.7 million for it in 2014, per the Variety-owned real-estate site Dirt.

Source: Business Insider, Dirt
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That house is surrounded by privacy hedges for security ...

Source: Business Insider

... but has floor-to-ceiling windows throughout to let the light in.

Source: Business Insider

He sold the house for $4 million in late August 2019, Business Insider previously reported.

Source: Business Insider

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