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CENTERING YOURSELF: A guide to maintaining your mental health and warding off stress and anxiety in the age of coronavirus

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The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused a mental health crisis.
Many are struggling to adjust to the new normal and psychologists, mental health experts, and notable company executives, including the CEO of Alphabet, are brainstorming new strategies to help quell anxieties.
Younger generations of employees, like Gen Zers and millennials, are calling on their bosses to add more mental health benefits to help them cope. Some companies, like Starbucks and Target, have boosted these benefits to help workers deal with the crisis.
Business Insider has compiled a list of stories that can help you learn more about the mental health crisis during the pandemic, and also provide expert advice on dealing with anxiety.
Mental health benefits: Mental health benefits are becoming America's most competitive office perk in the age of coronavirus
Calming podcasts: Alphabet's CEO says the coronavirus has 'absolutely' caused a mental-health crisis. Here are 5 calming podcasts you should follow if you're feeling anxious over the pandemic.
Dealing with unemployment depression: Psychologists recommend taking these 4 steps to improve your mental health if you recently lost your job and are struggling with depression
Employers boosting mental health services: 7 companies increasing mental health services for employees in response to the coronavirus pandemic
How to meditate: 4 easy ways to meditate at home during an anxious time like the coronavirus pandemic, according to a Buddhist teacher with over 16 years of experience teaching mindfulness
Reducing stress at work: 11 tricks psychologists say can help you manage anxiety and stress at your job
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