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14 major companies that have returned millions of dollars acquired through a government relief program meant for small businesses

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  • The $349 billion Paycheck Protection Program launched in early April was meant to bolster struggling small businesses.
  • It was aimed at providing businesses with fewer than 500 employees with two-year, low-interest loans to cover salaries, wages, benefits, and certain taxes. The program would provide up to $10 million per company.
  • Hundreds of publicly traded companies received funding through the federal government's Paycheck Protection Program. The program ran out of money less than two weeks after it was introduced.
  • On April 23, the Treasury Department said publicly traded companies have two weeks to give back federal relief loans intended for small businesses. The deadline was later extended to May 14.
  • Here is a list of major companies, from Shake Shack to AutoNation, that have already confirmed they're returning the funds.
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Lawmakers demanded that five public companies return Paycheck Protection loans on May 8. Just one, biopharmaceuticals company MiMedx, complied immediately. The other four include: Quantum, EVO Transportation & Energy Services, Gulf Island Fabrication, and Universal Stainless and Alloy Products.

Source: CBS News

Ashford Hospitality Trust, which received one of the largest federal loans, initially stated it planned to keep the $49.5 million. On May 2, the company announced it would return money.

Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence

Axios, a news site, said it would return its $4.8 million loan on April 28.

Source: Axios

The NBA's Los Angeles Lakers received a $4.6 million loan through the Paycheck Protection Program. While not a public company, the organization confirmed that it returned the funds on April 27.

Source: Reuters

IDT Corporation, a telecommunications company based in Newark, said it will return its $10 million loan on April 27.

Source: Washington Post

The popular sandwich chain Potbelly said it would return the $10 million loan it received on April 25.

Source: Chicago Tribune

AutoNation, the largest car dealership chain in the US, received $77 million in forgivable loans by applying for at least $266 million in funds through separate dealerships. It said it would return the funds on April 24.

Source: Business Insider

J. Alexander's Holdings, a company comprised of nearly 50 restaurants, said it is returning its $15.1 million federal loan on April 24. It initially received more than $10 million because it applied through separate restaurants.

Source: Nashville Post

Wave Life Sciences, a public biotechnology company based in Singapore with a strong US presence, announced it would return its $7.2 million federal loan on April 24.

Source: Reuters

OptiNose, a public pharmaceutical company in Yardley, Pennsylvania, told CNBC that it would be returning its $4.4 million loan on April 24.

Source: CNBC

Steakhouse chain Ruth's Chris announced on April 23 that it would repay the two loans totaling $20 million it received under the Paycheck Protection Program.

Source: Business Insider, CNBC

The trendy salad chain Sweetgreen is a private company but is still returning its loan to the federal government — it announced on April 22 that it received and returned $10 million.

Source: Business Insider

The largest conveyor belt sushi chain in the US, Kura Sushi, said it would return its $5.98 million loan on April 22.

Source: Forbes, Business Insider

Shake Shack, the beloved burger chain that had nearly $595 million in revenue last year, announced it would return its $10 million federal loan on April 20. It was the first company to do so after swift backlash.

Source: Business Insider

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