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How to find where your contacts are in Gmail on a Mac or PC, and make them easier to access

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  • You can find your contacts in Gmail by opening the Google apps menu, in the top-right corner of the Gmail webpage.
  • Alternatively, you can also simply head to in a web browser. 
  • You can drag any icon, including Contacts, to a different location within the Google apps menu if you want to make your contacts easier to find.
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Gmail makes things pretty easy for you when you want to send an email. You simply open a new message and type in someone's email address, and if you're lucky and have sent an email to the person before or they're in your Google contacts, then it should auto-populate.
Besides storing email addresses, your Gmail and Google contacts are also handy for storing personal information, like phone numbers, addresses, and birthdays.
Here's how to find your Gmail contacts in a few easy steps, using any internet browser on a Mac or PC.

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How to find your Google contacts using your computer 

1. Open Gmail on your Mac or PC and log into your account. Click the nine dot grid at the top-right corner of the screen.
Where are my contacts in Gmail
2. Scroll down and click the Contacts icon in the dropdown menu.
Where are my contacts in Gmail
And that's it — you'll be taken to your Gmail contacts, where you can click on a contact to edit or delete it, or add a new contact to your list.
To make navigating to your contacts easier, you can also drag the Contacts icon in the apps dropdown menu to the top, so it's easier to find.
Where are my contacts in Gmail
For the easiest possible access, simply bookmark and head to

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