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A journey through the refugee crisis on the Greece-Turkey border

Asylum seekers, villagers, and vigilantes share their stories as tensions grow along the border. Europe Political News

Greece Refugee Crisis in Greece and Turkey Border

Evros, Greece - Witnesses told reporters the bullet that killed 42-year-old Muhammad Gulzar came from the Greek side of the border, but whether a soldier, a police officer or a carbine-toting vigilante had pulled the trigger, no one could say for certain. Europe News
It was March 4, and clashes had erupted in the no man's land spanning the border between Turkey and Greece. Here in Kastanies, the border crossing was closed to civilians. Every now and then, an olive truck full of soldiers bounced down the crater-pocked road leading into the the restricted military area on the frontier. Greek riot police officers and soldiers formed columns across the field. On the other side of the border fence, behind an ominous barrier adorned with curls of concertina wire, thousands of refugees and migrants had amassed. Their hopes of entering Europe were dashed by the tear gas, water cannon, and flashbangs that greeted them.

Greece Closed Border Causes Refugee's

Grey clouds formed above like clenched fists in the skies. "Freedom," the refugees and migrants chanted, gripping the fence's chain links. Greek riot police fired tear gas over the fence, streaks of chemical smoke briefly scarring the air and then dissolving. A tear gas canister would occasionally land on the Greek side, either returned by a protester or fired by Turkish police. A police vehicle lurched forward, showering the protesters with powerful streams of water. A helicopter buzzed above, and what sounded like a burst of gunfire echoed in the fields. Europe Distribution Services

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